‘La Mantovana’ by Giuseppino del Biado

Winter Landscape (c 1811), by Caspar David Friedrich, (1774 – 1840) at The National Gallery, London
Fuggi, fuggi da questo cielo (Giuseppino del Biado) Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, video by Jeffrey Stivers


Flee, flee, flee from this sky,
harsh and unyielding, relentless cold.
You, who shackle all in prison
neither bending nor breaking to tears.
You, the year's cruel, frozen tyrant,
flee, flee, flee to wherever winter
has its eternal throne over the frost.

Come, come white, come vermilion,
you are the marvel of the world.
You, nemesis of all things dreary,
give joy to the soul
through your message of spring.
You are the youth of the year
and the beauty of the world.

Come, come, come, graceful and gentle,
spring of foreboding love.
Harken Zephyrus who invites you,
and the earth that marries the sky;
may May come at its ray,
come with your lap full of beautiful blossoms,
come on the wings of little Zephyrs.

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Caspar David Friedrich at The National Gallery, London

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Jeffrey Stivers on youtube

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  1. Beautiful poem and painting.

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  2. so touched by the song. you are immersed in all this artistic gems. What a wonderful life you are presenting us! much appreciated!

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  3. Fairy Queen says:

    This is a wonderful poem and music. I’m from Italy and I know this Opera piece 🙂

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Fairy Queen. 🙂

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