Enoki Toshiyuki: Sennyu (Spring), 2017

ENOKI TOSHIYUKI (B. 1961), Sennyu (Spring), 2017, Signed Toshi, titled and dated on reverse, Acrylic, ink and natural pigment on panel, 39 3/8 x 31 5/8 in. (100 x 80.3 cm.), Image Source: Christie’s

Who Is Enoki Toshiyuki?

Educated in several different genres of lacquer painting, traditional Japanese painting and western painting, Toshiyuki Enoki’s works are an amalgamation of the new and the aged, reality and myth. The artist strives to antiquate his works, not only in his thematic tribute to well known traditional artists such as Maruyama Okyo, but also in his artistic process. Using particularly worn brushes, Enoki cyclically paints, erases and transfers images in his works to create a unique atmospheric depiction of nature… the details of brushstrokes and overall reflective surface are reminiscent of lacquer works which served as an inspiration to the artist. His selection of warm color palette and scattered gold leaves across his canvas creates an overall magical and tranquil depiction…


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Toshiyuki Enoki 榎俊幸, 1961 | Lacquer painter

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