Masters of the Spanish Renaissance

The Penitent Magdalene, by El Greco, (c1576), Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Image Source: Wikimedia
Composers: Bernardino De Ribera, Juan Navarro, Sebastián De Vivanco, Tomás Luis De Victoria Artists: Amystis, Ministriles de la Reyna, José Duce Chenoll (musical director)

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  1. This painting (which is new to me) lacks the elongation of figures that characterizes some of El Greco’s later and most famous paintings.

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    1. I have never seen it before yesterday, but that facial expression grabbed my attention immediately. I am looking forward to learning more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve.


  2. Jim W. says:

    great 😇😇

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    1. Good morning, Jim. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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      1. Jim W. says:


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  3. Thanks for posting this one. I did not know about this painting. It is stunning.

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    1. My pleasure, Jennifer. The painting is new to me, also. I am looking forward to learning more about this artist.


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