Sir Frank Brangwyn: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

SIR FRANK BRANGWYN, R.A., R.W.S., P.R.B.A. (1867-1956), The Sixth Station of the Cross: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus,
oil on canvas, 40 3⁄4 x 56 in. (103.5 x 142.3 cm.), Image Source: Christie’s

“After the First World War, Brangwyn was commissioned to produce Stations of the Cross for Arras cathedral through the recommendation of his friend Theophile Steinlen (1859-1923). Reproductions of the Stations were to be distributed to other war damaged churches. Unfortunately the series was never completed. It was generally reported that this was due to the death of the model Cervi, although we know from Alford’s diary that Jafrate also posed as Christ. The death of Steinlen in December 1923, and the artist’s wife Lucy in 1924 may have had more to do with the failure of the commission.

Brangwyn used traditional Flemish dress for many of the female figures, an idea previously used by Gauguin in his religious paintings, for example the Breton costumes in Vision After the Sermon, 1888…”


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