Exhibition: Van Gogh in America (DIA)

Van Gogh’s Self-portrait (August-September 1887), when it came to Detroit in 1922 it was the first work by the artist to be acquired by a US museum Credit: Detroit Institute of Arts

Van Gogh in America, at the Detroit Institute of Arts (2 October-22 January 2023), is the first show to tell the story of how US art lovers discovered Vincent’s work in the early 20th century. After a slow start, American collectors eventually flocked to buy his paintings, with many of their acquisitions ending up in museums…”

Martin Bailey


Van Gogh in America: Detroit’s exhibition set to be a revelation

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Tag: Vincent van Gogh At Sunnyside

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  1. shoreacres says:

    If I were even two states closer to Detroit, I’d be there!

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  2. I saw this exhibition last week and highly recommend. It was amazing. I learned a lot, including the fact that the DIA was the first museum in the States to buy a Van Gogh, followed by other mid-western museums–before New York caught on. We are trend setters!

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    1. How wonderful that you were able to see this exhibition, Madeline! Trendsetters, indeed! ❤️ 😎

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      1. When I lived on the East Coast, I learned that many people believed that New York/Philadelphia/D.C. and perhaps Boston were the center of all things cultural–and then California. The midwest? One big prairie to them. Many people had no idea where Michigan was on the map (“Is Detroit west of Chicago?” more than one person asked me when i said I was moving here), so I felt a bit smug and superior in the fact that the midwest took the lead. There was a Van Gogh art exhibit in NYC in 1913 and not one Van Gogh sold. Then came the DIA!

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  3. I sometimes wonder about the worthy artists who didn’t ever catch on and whose works have been forgotten.

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    1. I wonder, too, Steve. Art is a brutal business.


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