Childe Hassam: Woodchopper (1902)

Childe Hassam, Woodchopper, 1902, Image Source: wikimedia

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Tag: Child Hassam At Sunnyside

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  1. The movie seems older to me than the 1932 date given for it.

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    1. I don’t know anything about early film…maybe they used older clips in the composite film? Some of it looks like home movies.

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      1. By 1932 I’d expect the documentary to be narrated rather than have titles the way movies did in the silent era, which was effectively over by 1930—even if some or all of the clips themselves were silent.

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  2. I love Hassam. What an amazing artist he was.

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    1. He really was amazing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Aletha. 🙂

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