Camille Pissarro: Vue sur le village d’Osny (1883)

Camille Pissarro, Vue sur le village d’Osny signed C. Pissarro and dated 1883 (lower right), oil on canvas, Image Source: Sotheby’s

“Painted in 1883, Vue sur le village d’Osny is a wonderfully accomplished work dating from Pissarro’s last ‘Pontoise Period’ before the artist left the region for Éragny in 1884…The complex perspective, showing the two parts of the village bisected by a row of poplar trees and a foreground of dense impasto, illustrates the remarkable breadth of his technique. While the tactile qualities draw the eye to the surface of the canvas, Pissarro still maintains a balance between the physical nature of the paint itself and the complex spatial effects within the picture frame. These qualities position this picture both at the height of his first Impressionist phase and presage his experiments with Pointillism a few years later.”


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