J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042

Francis Picabia (1879-1953), Lever du soleil dans la brume, Montigny, signé et daté ‘Picabia 1905’ (en bas à gauche); signé, daté et inscrit ‘F. Picabia lever de Soleil dans la brume Montigny 1905’ (sur le châssis) huile sur toile, 73 x 91.8 cm., Peint en 1905, Image Source: Christie’s

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  1. I love the painting! I just changed my decor from “Christmas” to “Winter” yesterday and I have a polar theme using these tones of blues and greens. Very cool and icy!

    The Bach is invigorating! I often read your post in the morning and follow the music link for my morning correspondence music! I have subscribed to several of the channels as a result. I love all kinds of music and actually attended DePaul University School of Music for a semester in my youth for classical piano. When I came to Nova Scotia to live, I had to leave my beautiful rosewood Yamaha grand piano behind and sell it. I haven’t played since, but love to listen to classical – especially in the mornings and when I am writing. (No words to hum along with when trying to write! HA!)

    Your choices are much-appreciated! Have a great day!

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    1. I bet your blue/green decor looks beautiful, Sheila! With such a music background it is especially sad that your grand piano is no longer with you. I still miss my piano after moving last year even though I have very little training and rarely played. But letting go is part of life, isn’t it? Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts here. Have a wonderful day! 🙂❤️

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  2. sienablue says:

    I love the way the music meanders through the minor mode and then suddenly the upbeat initial theme reasserts itself.

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    1. Perfect description! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, sienablue. 😎


  3. This is so cool and refreshing. Reminds me of the crisp and refreshing air I walked in this morning.

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  4. cindy knoke says:

    I listen to Back everyday.

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    1. Bach makes every day better…lol  😎


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