Andrew Lloyd-Webber: A Passion for the Pre-Raphaelites

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), The Salutation of Beatrice, signed with monogram and dated ‘1869’ (lower left) and inscribed with a sonnet from Dante’s Vita Nuova (upper left, in a cartouche), oil on canvas, in the artist’s original frame, 22½ x 18½ in. (57.1 x 47 cm.), Image Source: Christie’s

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  1. dorahak says:

    I wonder if the sonnet is one quoted by a friend of Dante’s to Dante in his Divine Comedy?! Must look it up. Meanwhile, ALW on the pre-Raphaelites will be saved up and relished soon! Thanks for sharing and many blessings to you in the New Year, Sunny!

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  2. All the best in the New Year, Sunnyside!

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    1. Best wishes for you in the New Year, Rosaliene! ❤️🎉🥳

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  3. Inge David says:

    I wish you a Happy New Year !

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    1. And a Happy New Year to you, also, Inge!


  4. Just so beautiful! Happy New Year to you!

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    1. And to you and yours, Sheila! 😎🎉🥳


  5. Liza says:

    This blog is a fabulous find!!! Happy New Year!

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    1. Welcome, Liza — I have had great fun exploring your blog! Thanks for visiting. 😎

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  6. We just watched the Andrew Lloyd-Webber program. I didn’t know he’s such an avid collector of Pre-Raphaelite art. As wealthy as he became from his music, why not?

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    1. He is quite an interesting character. I cannot even imagine being surrounded by Pre-Raphaelite paintings in my own home! 🙂


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