Nguyen Phan Chanh: Young Girl With a Parrot (1933)

NGUYEN PHAN CHANH (VIETNAM, 1892-1984), Jeune fille au Perroquet (Young Girl with Parrot),inscribed in Chinese (upper right); signed and dated ‘Ng phan-Chanh 1933’ (lower right); signed again in Chinese (lower left), ink and gouache on silk in the original Gadin frame 82 x 49 cm. (32 1/4 x 19 1/4 in.), Painted in 1933, Image Source: Christie’s

“…The painting reveals a great sweetness, a mix of humility and dignity so characteristic to the painter’s work. The young girl is depicted seated in the centre of the work on a large wooden bed, defined by horizontal and vertical lines complemented by a great blue rectangle in the background’s upper right corner. Nguyen Phan Chanh would very often use this triangular construction and this is well demonstrated here with the use of black ink in the headdress, the bird’s tub and also the use of dark brown in the round dark box decorated with mother-of-pearl motifs. The girl’s arms feeding the bird with sapota fruit also creates two open triangles. Three touches of colour reinforce the triangle effect: the blue panel, the tissue held in the left hand and the other triangle created by the parrot itself, the sapota fruit and the cup. Only the roundness of the decorated box with mother-of-pearl motifs breaks the angular effect, a choice often made by the artist.)


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« La jeune fille au perroquet », 1933. A milestone in Nguyen Phan Chanh’s works

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  1. The blue column on the upper right side is magnificent.

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    1. Yes! I saved this painting to learn from the composition. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Richard. 🙂


  2. johntodaro says:

    Love this painting. Thanks for drawing attention to the artist

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    1. My pleasure, John. Thanks for visiting. 😎


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