Dietrich Buxtehude: The Newborn Child

Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre (French, 1714-1789), The Adoration of the Shepherds (1745), oil on canvas, Detroit Institute of Arts, Image Source: wikimedia
TRANSLATION (by Jason F. Ortmann):

The newly born and tiny child,
The darling infant Jesus,
Doth once again the year renew
For this the chosen Christian flock.

The angels who gladly surround us
And accompany us rejoice,
Singing freely on high,
Proclaiming that God is reconciled with us.

If God is reconciled and is our friend,
What can the evil enemy do to us?
Despite the Devil, the world and the gates of hell,
Little Jesus is our stronghold.

It brings the year of Jubilee,
Why do we then continue to mourn?
Quick, arise, now is the time for song,
The infant Jesus wards off all affliction.

See More: Jeffrey Stivers (youtube)

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  1. That is a stunning painting!

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    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts, BRG.  😎

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      1. You are very welcome! 🙂

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