Gustave Loiseau: La cathédrale de Rouen (1927)

Gustave Loiseau (1865-1935), La cathédrale de Rouen, signed ‘G Loiseau’ (lower right), oil on canvas 18 1/8 x 15 in. (46 x 38.1 cm.), Painted in 1927, Image Source: Christie’s

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Rouen Cathedral (Monet series) for comparison

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  1. Very beautiful. Have you ever visited Rouen?

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      1. Rouen Cathedral has inspired many artists. A very famous painting is by Monet, then there is one by Pissarro and another by William Turner that I really like.
        I know that my country, Italy, is the richest nation in masterpieces, but I also feel very close to France, for its music, literature and art 🙂

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      2. Of course! My virtual visits to France and Italy are a poor substitution, but someday I hope to see these treasures. You are, indeed, fortunate to live among such masterpieces. 🙂

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      3. When you come to my country, let me know in time: maybe we will visit some museum or monument together 🙂

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  2. penwithlit says:

    Reblogged this on penwithlit and commented:
    Excellent- lovely painting

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  3. sienablue says:

    Interesting differences in brushwork between the sections of the painting.

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    1. Yes! All that movement and layered color without a muddy mess – I can only marvel. I wonder how long he worked on it….


  4. Your source has a mistake in the title. The French noun “cathédrale” is feminine, so the first word in the title should be “La.”

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    1. I copy and pasted from the Christie’s link in the caption – updated above. Thanks, Steve! 🙂


  5. I love the texture in this one. 🙂

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  6. johntodaro says:

    Color and light in this piece …exquisite

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    1. Agree! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John. 🙂

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