Edgar Degas: Scène de ballet (1885)

Edgar Degas (1834-1917), Scène de ballet, stamped with the signature ‘Degas’ (lower right; Lugt 658), oil on canvas, 32 x 22 ¼ in. (81.3 x 56.3 cm.), Painted circa 1885, Image Source: Christie’s

“In the monotypes, the narrative sequence and the individual personalities are conveyed through the figures’ bodies, their physiques and poses. The legibility of these scenes confirms Degas’ careful observation and intimate knowledge of this world. As J.K. Huysmans, one of Degas’ champions, exclaimed about one of his dance pictures, ‘What life! What life! How all these figures stand free in the atmosphere, how the light bathes every detail of these scene, with an analytic perspicacity which is at once cruel and subtle!’ (J.K. Huysmans, quoted in ibid., p. 163). In the present painting, Degas summarizes disparate aspects of the ballet, the performances that occur both on and off-stage. Exemplifying the artist’s greatest skill as a strident colourist and his discerning eye as a careful observer of modern life Scéne de ballet communicates with extraordinary precision and subtlety the spectacles of the Parisian ballet.”


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  1. I love Degas and also ballet. I just watched Swan Lake the other day on YouTube. Thank you for this.

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    1. Do you have a favorite performance of Swan Lake? I have not started that one yet, but I am looking forward to learning. 🙂

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      1. Oh – I am not that worldly, I am afraid. This performance was recommended by YouTube. I would probably have to go look it up. There is so much beautiful art to see and learn about, isn’t there? I love this blog. It introduces me to so many things I haven’t explored before. Thank you!

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      2. Oh yes, youtube keeps me way too busy with all those suggestions…lol. So much to learn, so little time! 🙂


  2. ♥️♥️ Wonderful!

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    1. I am happy you enjoy this one, too, Viv. Thanks for visiting! 🙂😎

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