Stepan Fedorovich Kolesnikov: Wolf in Winter Landscape

Stepan Fedorovich Kolesnikov, Wolf in winter landscape, gouache on cardboard, Image Source: MutualArt

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Tag: Stepan Kolesnikov At Sunnyside

Stepan Fedorovich Kolesnikov at MutualArt

Stepan Feodorovich Kolesnikov | Artnet

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Stepan Kolesnikov at Wikiwand

Stepan Kolesnikov at Lines and Colors

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  1. I love the cold, isolation depicted in this painting. I am someone who loves the winter and doesn’t mind the cold. We have had an odd winter here in Nova Scotia, to be sure. So much rain and not so much snow! The lone wolf is the perfect addition, too. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. I keep having the feeling that winter is not finished quite yet! lol 🙂


    1. The last of winter, maybe (?) lol 🙂

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  2. Michele Lee says:

    Beautiful share, as you do. I have an affinity for wolves, having studied them in college. Amazing creatures.

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    1. They are amazing! Thanks for adding to the conversation, Michele. 🙂

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      1. Michele Lee says:

        Yes! Happy to contribute. 😊

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  3. This definitely caught my attention. Anita

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  4. I cant imagine how difficult it would be to paint snow. Kolesnikov’s painting with the wolf is rather marvellous.

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    1. I agree! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vivienne. 🙂


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