Max Pechstein: Herbstabend (1927)

Hermann Max Pechstein (1881-1955), Herbstabend, signed and dated ‘HMPechstein 1927’ (lower left); signed again twice, titled, inscribed, and dedicated ‘HMPechstein Berlin W.62 Kürfürstenstr 126. -Herbstabend Gift for Mr. M.T. WERMEL, Dr. Phil., from Prof. M. PECHSTEIN. Berlin 30.IX.1947 HMPechstein’ (on the reverse), oil on canvas, 31¾ x 39 3/8 in. (80.6 x 100 cm.), Painted in 1927, Image Source: Christie’s

“In Herbstabend we witness the evolution of Pechstein’s artistic metier; despite remarkable aesthetic consistencies with Expressionism, the powerful substitution of pastoral figures with the symbol of the home implies a profound domestication. At this point in his life, Pechstein clearly enjoyed a socioeconomic security that informed the new, calmer landscape evident here. Unfortunately this tranquility was short-lived.

Paintings from the 1920s remain rare in Pechstein’s known oeuvre, as it was only shortly afterwards, in 1933, that Pechstein lost his job and was forbidden to paint or exhibit by the Nazis. As such, Herbstabend remained in the artist’s private collection until after the end of World War II…”


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The Brücke was one of two groups of German painters fundamental to Expressionism, the other being Der Blaue Reiter group (“The Blue Rider”), formed in Munich in 1911.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Anita

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  2. sienablue says:

    I love the violet and yellow tones in this

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    1. Yes! That combination always makes me happy…😎🌺


  3. So many beautiful artists were persecuted during WWII and unable to show their art. Our world is a scary place, as we are witnessing what can only be seen as parallel censorship in a place that is supposed to be the “Land of the free . . .” When Michelangelo’s art is deemed ‘unsuitable’ and banned, I fear the world is in deep distress.

    This is beautiful. I look at it and can see both sunrise and sunset. I need to research and figure out which. Those lovely tones of blues and greys are visible at both stages of the day, depending on the season and place, I suppose. They last only a few minutes, though and pass quickly.

    Have a beautiful week. Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Someone recently recommended the movie Varian’s War: The Forgotten Hero, a true story about Varian Fry who rescues more than 2,000 artists from Nazi persecution during World War II. .I am looking forward to watching. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sheila. 🙂🌺

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      1. Thank you for your link. 🙂

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  4. Love the colours!😍

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  5. Certainly shades of Van Gogh here.

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    1. Yes, that is probably why I love it so much! 🙂


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