Christmas Cards: Season’s Greetings from Edwardian New Zealand

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I’m delighted to share with you these colourful Christmas cards from the antipodes! This brief selection dates from 1900 – 1919 and the originals are stored in various repositories in New Zealand.

New Zealand Christmas postcard circa 1905 – 1910

A parrot instead of robin redbreast? A parrot is not usually associated with the northern hemisphere Christmas. The exotic bird on this card would give a shot of brightness to the grey and dreary UK winter.

New Zealand Christmas postcard circa 1905 – 1910

Above: your Christmas dinner, anyone? This might be familiar to those whose winters mean snow in December, although more often than not we see the turkey on a plate, not walking around displaying its plumage.

New Zealand Christmas card 1915

The postcard above alludes to the migrants who settled in New Zealand and who would reach out to family and friends back home. The original can be found…


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  1. I love the white turkey, I love to see one of those……beautiful.

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    1. I love vintage cards, so these were a treat to find for reblog. Thanks for commenting, Leola! 😊.

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