Childe Hassam: The Church at Gloucester (1918)

Childe Hassam,The Church at Gloucester (1918) Metropolitan Museum of Art

“In paintings, drawings, and etchings of New England’s picturesque villages and rugged coast, Hassam celebrated his Yankee heritage and promoted the conviction that the region embodied immutable American values. Here, he portrayed the Universalist meetinghouse in Gloucester, Massachusetts, framed by an avenue of American elms. The church, dedicated in 1806, housed a congregation associated with the establishment of religious freedom and was renowned for its bell, cast at Paul Revere’s foundry. Created at the same time as some of the canvases in the artist’s Flag series, the painting is similarly infused with a patriotic spirit.”


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Details of Painting


A Comparison: Lithograph of Colonial Church, Gloucester (1918)

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Details of Church Lithograph

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  1. JMN says:

    I love Hassam’s work. No expert me, but the American Impressionists are a fascinating group. I worked at the Raleigh Museum in grad school days when Moussa Domit was its head, and I recall that this was his field.

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  2. What a gorgeous painting!!!

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  3. This is a lovely painting. It has me wanting to walk up to the building to look at it close up.

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    1. I love it, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Giadreams. 🙂

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  4. My pleasure, and thank you for the image. 🤓

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