Ambrose McEvoy: Portrait of Lady Gwendoline Churchill (1917)

Ambrose McEvoy, (1877-1927), Portrait of Lady Gwendoline Churchill (1885-1941), 1917, Oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in (76.1 x 63.5 cm), Image Source: Philip Mould and Co.

When this work was exhibited at the New English Art Club just after Ambrose McEvoy’s shocking and sudden death of pneumonia at the age of only forty-nine, the Times critic praised the painting – which had been given pride of place in the exhibition – for serving ‘very well to recall the characteristic powers of the artist’. Going on, he wrote perceptively that it is ‘essentially a study of a transitory effect of light, colour, and movement—it might almost be called “She Passes”.[1]

Philip Mould and Co

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Philip Mould and Co.

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