Pierre Bonnard: Portrait de Madame Hessel ou La Dame en Rouge (1901)

Screenshot_2018-11-07 2018_PAR_16524_0013A_000(pierre_bonnard_portrait_de_madame_hessel_ou_la_dame_en_rouge) jpg (JPEG Imag[...]
Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), Portrait de Madame Hessel ou La Dame en Rouge (1901),
110 x 79.9 cm., 43 ¼ x 31 ½ in., signed and dated ‘Bonnard 1901’ (upper right)
oil on board laid down on cradled panel , Source: Christie’s

Lucy Hessel is shown here in an interior scene, seated in a chair, her left arm resting on the chair back, which shifts her entire body and confers a detached attitude with a certain self-assurance, leaving us to imagine that she is fixedly gazing at someone outside of the frame and with whom she is engaged in conversation. In the foreground, the dog – a symbol of loyalty in painting since the Middle Ages – adds a spontaneous, intimate dimension to the scene which appears more impromptu for it.


As the double title of the work suggests, this is not just a portrait of Madame Hessel, but Bonnard also seizes the opportunity to make a pictorial study of the scarlet red dress worn by the model, which occupies almost half of the composition and practically becomes a subject in and of itself. The bright red, which also appears on her lips, is made even more striking through its contrast with a very loose background in grey tones – save for part of the door frame and a gilded frame on the wall – and with the model’s porcelain skin tone. 


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  1. JMN says:

    Bonnard is so interesting up close! The detail views you provide are very useful for studying technique.

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  2. J’aime beaucoup Pierre Bonnard, pour le mystère de ses tableaux

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Christine. I love the hint of mystery, too! 🙂


  3. Simply beautiful!

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    1. janicetv says:


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