Eva Gonzalès, The French Impressionist

by jonathan5485 at my daily art display

Le Moineau (The Sparrow). by Gonzalès (1870)

“One of my favourite paintings by Eva Gonzalès was her early work entitled Le Moineau (The Sparrow).  The teenage model for this painting was the artist’s sister Jeanne.  Jeanne Gonzalès appeared in over twenty of Eva’s works.  It is a portrait of great elegance. It is a depiction of quiet introspection, and it illustrates the intimate connection that existed between Eva and Jeanne. Eva has focused on the graceful features of her favourite model, her younger sister Jeanne who was then in her teens, Eva’s portrait is a study on the interaction between light and shadow. She has focused the direct light on her sister’s bare back, and casts Jeanne’s face in soft shadow, which gives a somewhat air of inscrutability.  Jeanne is dressed in a swathe of transparent chiffon, seems lost in her own thoughts, as she gazes off into the distance.  Meanwhile, balanced on the edge of her hand, is the little sparrow.  It looks enquiringly up at her.  Eva has added touches of bright colour with the ears of corn that embellish her sister’s braided hair.”

Quote from jonathan5485 at my daily art display
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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cindy. ❤️🙂


  1. This account reminds me of my sister and me. She used me as her model once as did a friend of mine. My sister was filling in for several months as the art teacher while I was in high school. Her students had to do a portrait as a project. He asked me for a picture and I gave him one. Little did I know that he would be handing me a much larger picture of myself back. One of them, I believe it was my sister, told me that she told him that he needed to draw me much less pretty and to stick with the picture representation. She remarked that, “ I wasn’t that pretty.” He retorted that he was drawing what he saw in me. When I heard this, I was on cloud nine, because, secretly, I had a huge crush on him. (And, I had always hated the picture that I gave him.) He ended up dating a friend of mine, and it broke my heart. Ahhhh, days of being a freshman! Hearts break so easily…

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    1. It is a wonder we all survived high school at all! Thanks for sharing your memories, Susan. ❤️

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      1. You’re welcome, Sunnyside.♥️

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  2. Beautiful composition. I love the way the artist captures the light on the girl’s face, shoulders, and back.


    1. I love the play of light and shadow, too, Rosaliene. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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  3. I see from Wikipedia that “In 1883, Gonzelès died in childbirth at the age of thirty-four,[ five days after the death of her teacher, Edouard Manet, which left her son to be raised by his father [Henri Guérard] and her sister, Jeanne, who later became Guérard’s second wife.”

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    1. So young! Thanks for the information, Steve. 🙂


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