Umberto Boccioni: Three Women (1909–10)

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Umberto Boccioni  (1882–1916) , Three Women, 1909–10, Image Source: wikimedia

Who Is Umberto Boccioni?

Umberto Boccioni was an influential Italian painter and sculptor who helped shape the revolutionary aesthetic of the Futurism movement despite his death at the age of thirty-three during WW1.

The three women in this portrait are Boccioni’s mother, sister, and long time lover.

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Umberto Boccioni at wikiwand

Umberto Boccioni, Self-Portrait, 1910, Ink, wash and graphite on paper, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Paintings by Umberto Boccioni

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  1. Wonderful! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Luisa! ❤️🙂

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      1. My pleasure! 🌹🌹🌹

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    2. janicetv says:

      Can’t agree more

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  2. You’ve prompted me to look at a bunch of works by Boccioni, whom I knew only a little. He was very talented. What a shame he died so young.

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    1. I am always sad to learn that a talented artist has died young. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steve.


  3. Love the ink and wash portrait of the artist

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    1. I love that portrait, too, Vivienne. 😎


  4. johntodaro says:

    I’ve returned to this one a few times; it’s such a sensual group portrait. It’s also easy to imagine an Edwardian-era cabinet card of the same three women in this pose.

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    1. It is an intriguing portrait, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John. 🙂

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