Alfred Sisley: Matinée d’octobre près de Port-Marly (c1876)

ALFRED SISLEY (1839-1899), Matinée d’octobre près de Port-Marly, signed ‘Sisley.’ (lower left), oil on canvas, 18 3/8 x 21 3/8 in. (46.5 x 54.3 cm.) Painted circa 1876, Image Source: Christie’s

“Painted following the First Impressionist Exhibition in April 1874—which had opened the eyes of the public to the revolutionary Impressionist aesthetic—and around the time of its second iteration which helped cement the validity of its new, modern terminology, Matinée d’octobre près de Port-Marly pays fitting homage to the movement’s pursuit of painting en plein air. Determined to capture the fleeting, atmospheric beauty of the cool, early morning light, one can almost imagine Sisley waking early in order to secure the perfect location from which to paint—dismissing the icy autumn chill which must have no doubt plagued his fingers as he began to work the canvas.”


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  1. I love this painting. I love impressionist artwork in general. I find it odd that it was initially not thought of highly. It certainly has found a place in the world, hasn’t it? I do mainly realism in my ‘fine art’ painting, but I would like to loosen up more and would love to work in a looser style like this. Practice, practice, practice – right? 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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    1. I confess to being (maybe a wee bit) partial to the Impressionists….and Post-Impressionists – so much to love! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sheila. You have a wonderful day, too! 😎


  2. I like the stark tone in the foreground trees, which acts as nice balance to the soft watery background.

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    1. I feel the cold, damp autumn wind when I look at this painting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Vivienne. 🙂

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  3. johntodaro says:

    Beautiful light and the handling of values is wonderful

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John. ❤️

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