Robert Antoine Pinchon: La Seine à Rouen au crépuscule (1905)

Robert Antoine Pinchon, La Seine à Rouen au crépuscule, 1905, oil on paperboard, 65 × 54 cm, Image Source: wikiwand

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  1. shoreacres says:

    The title seemed both familiar and unfamiliar. Finally, I figured out that it generally translates to “The Seine at Rouen in Twilight.” The clue? Crépuscule, which recalled the crepuscular rays seen at sunrise and sunset.

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    1. Perfect! Thanks for adding to the conversation, Linda. 😎

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  2. Very pretty and serene. I love the palette on this one. 🙂

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    1. Those blues always draw me in first, then I find all those other jewels buried in the brush strokes. I am happy you enjoy this one, too, Sheila. 😎

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